Modular production systems
in modern automation technology

The automation of production, logistics and information is becoming an ever more critical success factor. As an experienced partner, we offer our customers intelligent system solutions in the fields of automotive, medical technology, white goods, food and tooling machinery. Here, we are setting the standard for efficiency, flexibility and quality.

Individual assembly technology for the most demanding requirements

Modern production lines create extensive demands on the individual assembly processes. A number of various processing stages often have to be integrated and perfectly coordinated to each other in order to be automated. Our customized automation solutions therefore cover all standard processes in the assembly technology. We supply a variety of components such as mechanical and hydraulic presses, innovative screw systems and high quality systems for riven, sealing and testing technology. All of our changeable assembly systems guarantee precision work with short product cycle times and a high level of automation and fulfil the highest demands on flexibility and processing quality.

Robot-aided material and workpiece handling

We integrate all the well-known brands of standard robot to suit your task. Whether it is a sensitive robot / lightweight technology robots, 6-axis robots, gantries or pallet handling devices, our expertise covers both the mechanical and electrical integration. You receive everything from one source, from the gripper solution to cell control.

Example projects

Assembly unit corner modules | Gearbox Assembly

Assembly unit corner modules

The individual components are supplied to the relevant stations using just-in-sequence handling in small load carriers or flow racks. For version queries, Poka Yoke or barcode scanning is used. Each access to the components is also displayed and acknowledged via pick to light (PTL).

The workpiece holders are transported on a rigid conveyor system, which is designed with friction rollers. This allows the system to breathe and perfectly balance out the cycle time differences between the manual assembly stations and the automatic stations. The assembly system has multiple manual and automatic stations to cover the complex overall process in a single assembly line. The individual assembly stations are designed to ensure maximum accessibility.

The overall process includes screw and join processes, as well as fully and semi-automatic assembly stations. At the end of the loop, an axial run-out test is conducted that is calibrated to the requirement.

The sensitive lightweight robot liwa from Kuka is used. It was thus possible with process reliability to automate an assembly step that is highly complex, but monotonous for employees.

Gearbox Assembly

The development of our BÄR ORBIT ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS allowed us to create a representative innovative system solution.

Consistently making assembly processes flexible facilitates efficient production structures in manual, semi and fully automatic work procedures.

Not only do assembly vehicles transport the assembled piece but also the individual components needed for the construction. It is no longer necessary to get materials ready at the individual assembly stations. A logically designed flow principle ensures faultless quality and high levels of efficiency even when quantities fluctuate.