Maintenance, Inspection Service & Support

Increase in system availability through predictive and preventive maintenance of possible wear.

The services offerings of BÄR Automation include customized service and maintenance. Designed for maximum availability, safety and stability in compliance with all legally mandatory safety and test rules.

Benefit from our support service!

We offer our customers different service packages and these are combined so that with regular maintenance and testing of all important, crucial components the systems will perform in full and achieve, ensure very long service lives for the systems.

The services can be used on a one-time basis or in favorable 3, 5 and 10-year contracts.


We are happy to inform you in more detail!
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Should a fault occur in your plant or system, our 24-hour Service Hotline is available to assist you.

We offer you qualified consultation via Internet, by telephone or through on-site consultation. We can assure you of rapid troubleshooting, low downtimes and high availability through our flexible and qualified service team. A comprehensive report concludes every operation and provides transparency.