We are business partner for production of the future

The following are innovations are already set in place:


SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)

The SLAM algorithm creates an environment card and uses it to localize the position of the AGV.

Industry 4.0/IoT

Our system concepts and automated guided vehicles are generally IoT ready in design. Systems are supplied with machine and system data in real time using customer-specific interfaces. We offer cloud solutions in addition, thanks to a network of specialist partners.

SmartFactory/Fluid Production

We are very familiar in the research and development of new and innovative production and assembly technics. And because of our active participation in research projects such as the ARENA2036 and therefore the transformation of those application-ready concepts, envision our experts to consult customers in project planning and engineering. Especially of innovative system designs in the field of assembly technics, robotic and AGV solutions.

Universal interfaces and innovative control technology

Our experts use state-of-the-art control technology and are able to integrate the newest concepts even in legacy infrastructures. Wherever possible, we use standardized interfaces such as OPC UA, MQTT or also universal interfaces in accordance with the latest VDA 5050 standard.

AGV head control systems

Larger AGV systems with multiple vehicles require fleet managing or head control systems with a proven and expertized traffic management system. For this, we offer PLC or PC-based fleet management systems and head  controls, which are designed to control the AGV job orders, based on traffic rules and depending on the  energy status of the vehicles.

Web applications

For optimal operation of our systems, we offer innovative human-machine interfaces with information and user concepts via apps. The great advantage is that end user device is almost virtually independent from the technology and the access to them is enabled through a web browser. Here we are following international standards and ensure optimal protection of the system from unauthorized access.

Gesture recognition with neuronal networks

Using a neural network (CNN Convolutional Neuronal Net) that specializes in image processing, therefore gestures are recognized based on features such as hand, head and body. This allows a contact-free steering of the vehicles. An example of this from AI-based technology is our FIFI application. An AGV that follows a human who is logged into the system and the FIFI follows directly behind in any direction.


Innovation examples from the company BÄR Automation

Gesture-controlled FiFi®

HMI - Human machine Interface

The gesture-controlled FiFi® is designed to cooperate together with the worker in intralogistics, picking and production.


FiFi® is a gesture-controlled AGV for the use in intralogistics. As a standalone solution, simple source and sink connections can be used. With the use of an optional AGV management control system, fleets and complex taxi connections are possible.

The system thus forms the foundation for a flexible, extensible and convertible system.

FiFi® is plug & play-capable, which means it can be used with no prior programming or parameterization of the device.


Production assistant of the future

HRC - Human-Robot-Collaboration

ConTrax Mobile Robot 4.0
A modular platform for the mobile robots

The new mobile production assistant makes the collaborative robot (HRC) mobile and is designed to work together with the employees at the production and work places. A well thought-out safety concept of the system enables a collaborative and a cooperative operation with humans at the work environment.


ARENA2036 ForschFab | AIMFREE

Partnership for new innovations –
superior research on a new level

The technology and knowledge transfer between practical applications and research is opening the way for emerging entirely new concepts in changing production structures. A project that we are actively developing and shaping, based on our technology visions and conviction.

As a partner in the research project ARENA2036 (Active Research Environment for the Next Generation of Automobiles) we are actively contributing our know-how and innovative strength towards the development of future models in automobile production. The core themes for this collaboration between science and business are the development of competitive production models for the flexible factory of the future, opportunities for lightweight construction and direct and indirect interaction between people and robotic systems.


AIMFREE – Agile assembly of electric vehicles through free chaining

In the AIMFREE research network, Bär Automation is bringing its expertise as a capable rife of agile assembly as a long-standing manufacturer of flexible production equipment, for example in the form of driverless transport systems.

The integration of these flexible production means into a dynamic control system forms the foundation for the capability of an agile assembly concept.


Research projects & Memberships


The federal state of Baden-Württemberg and the "Allianz Industrie 4.0 Baden-Württemberg" selected BÄR Automation in Gemmingen as one of the 100 best places for Industry 4.0. In a national competition the FiFi prevailed – the gesture-controlled vehicle for use in intralogistics.