Robot-assisted material and workpiece handling

We integrate all the well-known brands of standard robot (FANUC, KUKA, ABB, MOTOMAN, STÄUBLI) to suit your task. Our service covers both the mechanical and electrical integration. You receive everything from one source, from the gripper solution to cell control.


Sensitive robots / lightweight technology robots

Closer to people

Sensitive robots are suitable for direct interaction between people and machines. They react automatically to contact, they move back, can be pushed to the side or guided manually thanks to tactile sensor systems. This means they can be positioned in open spaces (without any mechanical protection such as a guard) without any concern and are able to work safely right next to people for the very first time. Furthermore, they can be used anywhere in industry for joining and assembly work that could previously only be implemented with the human sensitivity.

6-axis robot

Universal use, versatile and fast

We integrate robots from leading manufacturers, such as Kuka, Fanuc, ABB, Stäubli and Motomann, in our systems. Due to the high flexibility, the motion experts can be used in a variety of ways in the tightest of spaces. They are employed to process and handle workpieces.

Rapid movements by various attachment parts such as grippers, vacuums and tools etc. make it possible to integrate a 6-axis robot in various production concepts.


Perfection through precision

Our strength lies in our ability to combine standardised BÄR components, such as modular gantry robots, with customised designs. This allows us to supply our customers with highly flexible system solutions which are tailored to their needs and offer an optimum price-performance ratio.

Pallet handling

User-friendly and flexible

Our pallet handling systems serve to automatically load machining centres. Pallet handling systems from Bär offer a high storage density for the floor space required and are suitable for unrestricted manual or automatic operation due to the optional front access.