AGV – Automated Guided Vehicles

Our AGV solutions offer high levels of automation and nevertheless always stay flexible and versatile in comparison with other logistic systems. They can be expanded as required and can be integrated into existing or dynamic production structures without any problem. With this, we offer individual solutions for the in-house flow of materials.

Our service range covers all areas: from vehicle design, navigation technology, data transfer and energy management, to the development of lead and control software. You receive the entire AGV, perfectly tuned from one source.


ConTrax Mobile Systems

ConTrax – the flexible module for agile factory structures
ConTrax Diagramm

ConTrax – our innovative transport system is the further development of previous automation concepts for numerous applications in industry.

Manufacturing today is characterised by the production of a varied and rapidly changing range of products which are produced in smaller quantities. This calls for dynamic production structures that can be quickly adapted to meet changing needs. ConTrax meets this need thanks to its high degree of agility.

ConTrax is an assembly, logistics or robot system built on an AGV platform.

Our ConTrax AGV not only provides an exceptionally high degree of flexibility, but has also won great acclaim for its unique agility.

From the low cost solution of the mobile work bench through to integration into fully automatic processes.

The modules can be quickly adapted to planned or unforeseen changes when incorporated into existing production structures or production lines producing a varied and frequently changing range of products. This provides clear advantages which are reflected in great efficiency.

ConTrax mobile Systems are an economic system solution for future assembly/logistics and handling processes in modern, dynamic manufacturing. Thanks to its individual modules, the system can be used with practically any type of product, thereby providing solutions that protect investments and conserve resources in changing production systems.

... for flexible assembly automation

ConTrax Assembly System

ConTrax Assembly System - the “travelling workbench” - from a simple low cost solution for manual production, through its use in semi-automatic production right up to integration into fully-automatic, process-integrated assembly techniques.

The ConTrax assembly transport system employs an automated guided vehicle system which transports workpieces from one assembly station to the next during production. In this process, the workpieces are secured on a workpiece carrier where they remain during the entire work process. Optically guided C-shaped vehicles travel to the target assembly station with their open side facing the station.

Here, the float-mounted workpiece carriers are raised slightly by means of a height-adjustable cantilever table and centred with a high degree of precision. This means that no forces are exerted on the vehicle during this process and assembly can be carried out manually, semi or fully automatically with a high degree of precision.

The centrally controlled system is extremely flexible and removes the need for fixed links between individual workstations. When changing products, only the workpiece carrier is exchanged, and even the optical tracking can be changed in a matter of minutes.
The system can continue to be used even after a complete reorganisation of the production plant.


  • Subsequent integration or reduction
of stations possible
  • Layout flexibility thanks to easy
alteration of the circuit
  • Unrestricted accessibility to workstations
  • No links between the stations necessary
  • Networking capability
... for flexible workpiece handling

ConTrax Robotic System

ConTrax Robotic System – a standard robot built on the base platform of the AGV. The AGV can travel along the optical track to different stations, either travelling forwards or backwards. At the workstation the robot’s gripper handles both the container and the workpiece.

The ConTrax Robotic System has the following range of applications:

  • Loading/unloading of workpieces on machines and assembly workstations
  • The mobile transport of containers (small load carriers) with workpieces, especially the insertion and removal of individual components at assembly stations, for example, as well as assembly processes
  • Loading and unloading at changing locations
  • Order picking, e.g. of assembly kits in the supermarket


  • Materials can be supplied to manual, semiautomatic and automatic stations
  • Layout flexibility thanks to easy
alteration of the circuit
... for flexible intralogistics

ConTrax Logistic System

ConTrax Logistics System - mobile pallet handling system for the in-plant transportation of material


  • Materials can be supplied to
manual, semiautomatic and automatic
  • Layout flexibility thanks to easy
alteration of the circuit